Orthotics and You

As you age and use your legs and feet longer, foot orthotics become increasingly important as they improve the functionality of the feet’s tendons and bones.

With the right prescription orthotics, users realize a decrease in pain in different body parts as well as increased joint stability. This prevents incremental problems associated with foot deformation and corrects and improves any compromised foot biomechanics.

Arguably, everybody is born with perfect feet, but by the age of 20, almost 80% of us will be struggling with one form or the other of foot problems. Of course, the reasons our feet function poorly and get sore vary although some causes are similar and include:

Reasons You Need Orthotics

Orthotics have a wide range of benefits and advantages. They help realign feet and also help treat and prevent arch and heel pain, hip misalignment, flat feet, lower back pain, knee pain, shin splints and many others. And because the feet support your body, they need to be well cared for.

Remember that the alignment of your feet has a direct effect on the quality of life you lead. Millions of people, especially as they age are unable to keep up daily exercise or even work requirements due to foot pain.

How to know if you NEED custom Foot Orthotics

  • Your foot biomechanics is compromised
  • You need extra shock absorbing capabilities to keep your feet more functional
  • You have fallen arches
  • Your legs have uneven length
  • You have foot or ankle problems
  • You have arthritis or diabetes
  • You are an athlete who constantly strains their legs and feet

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How Do Orthotics Work?

Orthotics are casted specifically to your foot with the goal to improve foot functionality, enhance performance, and reduce stress and pressure on the foot that would otherwise lead to pain.

Orthotics Brantford specializes in custom designing and casting of orthotics.

One of the least invasive ways of counteracting walking and alignment related complications is orthotics. By realigning the bones in the feet, these devices help reduce pressure on the foot and related body parts including the hips, knees, spine, neck and even shoulders.

Additionally, they aid in proper weight distribution between the different parts of the foot.

Essentially, orthotics is ideal for anyone suffering from feet related complications that curtail their normal lifestyle and ability to move and that causes pain.

How Can Orthotics Help Me?

These custom devices are made to fit inside most footwear and conform to your feet with precision, and hence complementing your movement. The discomfort related to motion, imbalance, and pain need not be part of your daily life.

And the best part is, they can be worn every day, regardless of occasion or activity, and you will barely notice their presence at all until you start feeling better and more functional with your feet.

Do not suffer in silence, contact our trusted specialists at Orthotics Brantford and see how incorporating orthotics into your health regimen can help create a better, comfortable, and more fulfilling lifestyle.

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